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How to Write First Blog Post to Make Money Online



Therefore, you have started your blog to make money online. Now, are you wondering about how to write your first blog post? Here are some magical tips for available you.

You have taken the right decision to start a blog. Blogging is not only a means of making money online but also a platform of freedom. Man wants and needs freedom. But freedom of speech is almost impossible. Blogging is a platform where you can express your thoughts and ideas without any limitation.

But expressing thoughts is not all about blogging. You need readers, better to say repeated readers who will get attached to your posts.

If you want to make money online from blogging, you need to generate huge traffic. And repeated readers are your main traffic.

You may need to know what a blog is before starting your blog.

You may know the best ways to make money online from blogging by reading the hyperlinked post.

Now you are wondering about what your first blog post should be. But you are not sure what to write in your first blog post. Here, I am presenting my personal tips to write my first blog post.

While your readers will read your first blog post, a series of questions will appear in their minds. Just answer those questions in your first blog post. I am presenting those questions and answers from my point of view.

Contents in this articles

  • What is Your Identity?
  • What is the Purpose of Your Blogging?
  • What is Your Blogging Niche or Topic?
  • Whom are you Blogging for?
  • How Can the Readers Get Involved with You?
  • What is Your Future plan with this Blog?
  • Start Journey with Your Blog

What is Your Identity?

Now you are online and you are free to share your thoughts and ideas with everyone in the internet world. But the world knows nothing about you. None in the world trusts and pays heed to an unknown face. Therefore, f you want your readers to trust you, bookmark your blog and come to your blog, you need to build trust in yourself and make a permanent place in the heart of the readers to make money online. You can do that by sharing about you with the readers. The readers need to know your full details.

I can suggest you some points to share:

  • Name
  • Profession
  • Experience
  • Whether it is your first blog

The more you can share your details and attract your readers to you, the more they will get used to you, trust you, and want to hear from you through your blog.

A picture of you can tell a thousand times more than your words. So, if you add your jolly-looking picture with your identity, it will enhance your credibility and trust.

What is the Purpose of Your Blogging?

While answering this question, you have to keep in mind that since this will be your first blog post, your reader must want to know why you are going to start writing blog posts. Your purpose of blogging will increase the readers’ trust in you and will be enthusiastic to come back to read your blog. To me, there are two major purposes of blogging:

  • Sharing thoughts and
  • Make money online from blogging

But the main core purpose behind these two purposes is to get readers aka traffic. Therefore, to keep readers coming to your blog, you have to do something which will attract readers and keep their attachment with your blog. You have to provide them with something from which the readers will be benefited. Therefore, you have to clearly state your purpose. The readers of your first blog post will take the decision from reading your post that whether they will be benefited from this blog or not.

What is Your Blogging Niche or Topic?

The answer to this question is almost similar to the previous question. In the answer to the previous question, you will focus on your purpose of blogging and in the answer to this question, you will focus on the niche or topic of your blogging. While readers who are interested in your niche or topic, certainly will come back again and again to see new ideas regarding their interest.

While answering this question, focus on the following:

  • Clearly state what your readers will find in your blog.
  • Focus on what they can expect from your blog.
  • Make the readers know how often you are going to update your blog.

To clarify, I suggest not to create a general blog where you will write on anything and everything. You have to choose a particular niche. When your readers will see that you are writing on a particular niche, they will take you as an expert on that niche. This will enhance you authority on the topic and you will get repeated visitors.

Whom are you Blogging for?

While writing your first blog post, you need to clarify your target audience. You have to focus on:

  • Who will be benefited reading your blog posts?
  • What are the traits (ambitious, lazy, health conscious, online money makers like my readers) of those readers?

You can state clearly the problems of the readers and how you are going to give solutions to those problems through your blog posts. Certainly, the readers will start trusting you when they will believe that their problems will be solved by reading your posts.

You can also tell your readers an emotional story of you so that the readers know that you understand them better and get connected with you emotionally.

How Can the Readers Get Involved with You?

Interaction with the readers is very important to retain them. Therefore, in your first blog post, you have to mention how your readers can interact with you. You can encourage them to:

  • Leave comment to your posts
  • Send emails.
  • Share your posts to social media.
  • Interact with you through private messages
  • and many more as you want

Interaction with you makes the reader more enthusiastic to read your posts and makes you one step ahead to earn money online.

What is Your Future plan with this Blog?

While reading your first blog post, your reader might want to know what you are going to do with this blog. You should clearly state:

  • What is this blog going to be like after 3-6 months?
  • What are you going to achieve from this blog?
  • How are you going to use this blog for achieving your future plan?

Sharing your future plan with your readers will increase your transparency and readers’ trust will increase. Your readers might help you to achieve your goals.

Start Journey with Your Blog

In conclusion, I want to say that starting a blog and just starting writing is not everything in a blogging platform. Rather you have to start rightly and go on the proper path.

Certainly, I have tried to state tips to start writing your first blog post from my point of view. Others may differ from me. But I think if you include the above-mentioned things in your first blog post in the journey to make money online, readers might come back to check whether you have posted new articles.

Certainly, in your blogging journey, you might have to be an open and passionate blogger if you want to make money online from blogging. Hope you have understood what I have tried to say. If you have any queries, you can comment or send me a private email or Facebook message.

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2 Major Types of Online Money Making



Let’s go for the second post of this blog. In this post, I would like to categorize online money-making at the very beginning of my blog. Because the people who are interested in online income need to know the types and descriptions of those types. From the description, the readers better to say eager persons might be able to choose which type of online money making is suitable for them. Therefore, let’s go for that.

In this world, there are two types of people: the first is the people who are very active and hardworking, and the second type is the people who are not very hardworking and want to finish everything technically. Based on the types of people, I would like to categorize their ways of earning into two. And similar is the scenario in the case of online earning. To me, the followings are the two major categories of online money making:

  1. Active Online Money Making
  2. Passive Online Money Making

The ways to make money reflect as the names of the types suggest. Let’s dig deep into these two types.

Active Online Money Making

As the name suggests, in this type, the concerned person is directly involved in physical or mental labor. That means people engage themselves in work directly. Remaining active, they complete the different types of work according to their merits and capabilities. Let’s discuss this in detail.

A farmer works on his farm and produces crops. He sells his crops to the market and earns money. The farmer may also work on other people’s farms as labor in exchange for a fixed salary. In this money-making process, the farmer is directly involved in work.

Similarly, when a person directly works for earning money online, that is called active online money making. Freelancing and running an online shop are two popular examples of this process. I’ll try to discuss every possible process of earning online in detail in this blog. Some of the active online money-making processes are:

  • Freelancing
  • Selling Own Products on Online Shops
  • Providing Training Online
  • Creating and Publishing Youtube Video
  • And Many More

Details are coming in my coming articles.

Passive Online Money Making

The next division is passive online income. Passive online money-making ways are those ways in which a person is not directly involved in work and earn from there. To clarify, it is some like doing something, remaining idle for that, and earning from that work for a long time. If you are a lazy person and want to earn money for a long time after work, you can choose this type of work.

To elaborate, think of my previous example of a farmer who works hard on his farm. He is involved in work and keeps working for earning money. Imagine he has earned a lot of money and bought some farmlands. Then it would be impossible to work on his every farm. Therefore, he will give his land a lease and earn from there. The farmer is not working here but he is making easy money.

There are several arenas online from where one can make this type of money. Some of the ways of passive online income are as follows:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Drop Shipping
  • Amazon FBA
  • Blogging
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • And Many More

In this type of work, a person does not directly involve in work. He remains inactive, others perform a task and the person gets money in his/her wallet. For example, in the case of affiliate marketing, the promoter gets a commission of every sale from his affiliate link.

The aforementioned are the two major categories of online income. I will explain everything in my later articles. If you have any suggestions or question, certainly you can comment. I will reply ASAP.

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What is a blog? What is Blogging? Who is a Blogger?



 Blogging has become a buzzword. It is also a source of active online money-making. “What is a blog?” is the basic question that crosses the mind of every people who want to make money online through blogging. These days, a lot of people are willing to take blogging as their main profession. Many are willing to take it as their part-time job. Some want to share their knowledge through blogs. Some make fun through blogs. In this post, I am going to answer and elaborate on the questions” What is a blog? What is Blogging? Who is a Blogger? A detailed description is essential for everyone who wants to start a blog. So, let’s go for it.

To know how to start a blog to earn money online, you can see my post: How to Start a Blog to Earn Money Online: 7 Steps

Contents in this articles

  • What is a blog?
    • Definition
    • Search Your Blog Domain Here and Get Registered:
    • Find a domain starting at $0.88
    • History of Blog
    • Purpose of Blog
    • Structure of a Blog
    • Blog vs Website
  • What is Blogging?
    • Definition
    • Popularity of Blogging
    • Purpose of Blogging
  • Who is a blogger?
    • Definition
    • Why Do People Prefer Blogging?
  • Gist

What is a blog?


A blog means a web presence or a website where any kind of information or discussion is shared for worldwide people. In a blog, each and every information or discussion is shared as a separate entry or post. The posts are always informal in tone. The posts are arranged like a diary. But there is a difference between diary entries and blog posts. In the diary, the entries are arranged in chronological order while in the blog, the posts are arranged in reversed chronology. That means the recent one comes first. Blog URL is the unique identity of a blog.

Search Your Blog Domain Here and Get Registered:

Find a domain starting at $0.88

Find a domain starting at $0.88

powered by Namecheap

History of Blog

Jorn Barger first used the term “weblog” on December 17, 1997. The term is shortened to “blog” by Peter Merholz in 1999. Throughout the 1990s, blogs emerged. The blog sites were updated on regular basis writing HTML codes and uploading the codes using FTP at that time. Therefore, coding knowledge was a must to publish content on sites. Then publishing tools came into being and it became easier for the people who were without technical knowledge to publish content into sites.

In the 2010s, most of the blogs are interactive. That means the visitors or readers can leave comments. So, a relationship becomes established between publishers and readers. In that sense, blogs can also be marked as one type of social networking in my eyes.

Purpose of Blog

There are different types. Personal blog, business blog, artist blog, affiliate blog, etc. Each blog has various purposes. But the main purpose is to enhance web visibility. That means to become top-ranked in search engines. The purposes of a blog are given below:

  1. Expressing thoughts and opinions
  2. Sharing knowledge
  3. Creating online empire
  4. Promoting or marketing something
  5. Staying connected globally or with the community you like
  6. Helping people
  7. Learning and earning at the same time
  8. Being creative

To me, the above-mentioned are the main purpose of the blog. I will elaborate on the purpose of blogging in my coming posts.

Structure of a Blog

The structure of a blog varies from blogger to blogger and from designer to designer. Since contents or articles are the main things of any blog, the designers try to focus on the contents or articles in the blog. The most common and general blog structure is given below:

This is the common structure. Some designers prefer sidebar on both sides. Some prefer sidebar only on the right side.

Blog vs Website

Content remains on both blogs and websites. The only difference is updates. A website is updated occasionally whereas a blog is updated regularly. You will see a blog is updated monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly. A website may also have an associated blog. That website may not be updated, but the blog might be updated on regular basis.

What is Blogging?


Blogging is the act of writing relevant blog posts and publishing the posts in the blog. In other words, blogging is all the tasks related to publishing blog posts.

Popularity of Blogging

The popularity of blogging is increasing so fast. There are several reasons why people are choosing blogging. The top reasons are:

  1. No training is needed
  2. No special educational qualification is needed
  3. Companies of business firms can update about them to theirs clients or consumers
  4. Visitors can interact with the companies of writers
  5. Earning through blogging is possible
  6. Expressing own thoughts is possible through blogging

Purpose of Blogging

People write blog posts for several reasons. Some people blog solely for online money making, some blog to share knowledge. Major purposes of blogging are:

  1. Sharing oneself
  2. Sharing knowledge
  3. Becoming popular worldwide
  4. Earning money online
  5. Interacting with fans and followers

Who is a blogger?


A blogger is a person who regularly writes and posts the writing into a blog. In other words, bloggers are the individuals who share their knowledge, experience, techniques with people all over the world regularly through web presence. A blogger does not have a physical address. He/she can only be tracked using a web address.

Why Do People Prefer Blogging?

Nowadays, a lot of people are joining blogging. There are several reasons behind their choice. Man is a social being and wants to be together with all. Blogging is a medium of getting connected with all.

In this era of machines, man suffers from isolation and remains busy all day. It is impossible to get connected with all within the shortest free moment. But blogging gives him/her to share his day with all in the shortest time.

A blogger can express his thoughts will all. Social networking sites also allow sharing thoughts. But they are only allowed to share with the connected community. But blogging has a worldwide presence and is shown in search results. Blogging is also becoming popular for that.

The preference also goes to blogging because it can be a source of income too. Some take professionally, some as part-time income. But a blogger cannot start making money online from a blog overnight. It needs hard work and search ranking.

Some people blog only from their interests. They do not opt for money-making.


A blog is a website where a person who is called a blogger posts writing on regular basis. Blogging means the activity of writing posts and posting them on the blog. In this business era, whatever people do, money-making is the main purpose. Blogging can serve that purpose too. I will discuss making money online through the blog in my later posts. You can ask me any query to me.

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Best and Top Paying Pay to Click (PTC) Websites in 2021



Pay to Click (PTC) websites are the places where both the advertisers and the visitors, better to say members, of the PTC sites meet. Marketers or advertisers advertise their websites, products, or services and the members click on the published advertisements for generating online income. To earn money online from PTC websites, you need no investment and no skill. You just have to click on the published advertisements or perform some specific tasks. Though you cannot generate a huge amount from PTC sites, you can earn some extra cash from them. You have to be very careful while selecting a PTC site since there are a lot of fraudulent sites. Even some of them vanish without any notice.

Therefore, in this post, I am suggesting the 5 best and non-fraudulent PTC sites from where you can make some money online. The numbering of the sites to some extent focuses on the best position. It is according to my review. I will try to give some proof for my review.

Contents in this articles

1. Neobux

In my eyes, Neobux is the best Pay to Click (PTC) website for people who want to make money online. This site has been operating since 2008. Clixsense ended its ad view project in 2017. Since then, Neobux has got the top popularity.

The pay per advertisement view depends on the membership plan. The general pay is $0.001 per advertisement view. You can increase your income using direct and rented referrals.

The member who joins Neobux through your affiliate link is called a direct referral. You will earn a commission from their income.

Sometimes, the directly joined members are hired by the members who need referrals. Those are called rented referrals. Rented referrals are rented for a specific time and the renter gets commissions from them.

After making money online through Neobux, you can withdraw your money using NETELLER, Skrill, and airtm.

Join Neobux -> Click Here

2. ySense (Clixsense)

Though ySense previously Clixsense has stopped its advertisement publishing, it is the second-best pay to click (PTC) website for the people who want to make money online. ySense provides small tasks which can be completed with clicks only. Highly-paid surveys are also available in ySense.

ySense started its operation in 2007 and changed its name in 2019. Therefore, it is older than Neobux.

ySense also offers a referral commission. Payment is legit and not a scam. You can check payment proof of ySense here.

ySense supports SkrillPayoneerPayPalReward Link Italy, and Amazon Cards for cash out.

Join ySense-> Click Here.

3. GPTPlanet

GPTPlanet is running its operation since 2010 and has members of more than 574218. Besides ad view, it also offers small tasks. Therefore, members can earn money online doing those tasks as well.

This PTC (Pay to Click) site has also a referral system. It supports both direct and rented referrals. The commission is almost the same as other PTC sites’ referral systems.

The payment methods of GPTPlaner are PaypalPayzaPerfect Money, and Bitcoin.

Join GPTPlanet-> Click Here

4. ScarletClick

The owner of both ScarletClick and GPTPlanet is the same. Scarlet Click is also operating its business for those who want to earn money online since 2010. It also offers different tasks besides ad viewing jobs.

You will get referral income too in ScarletClick. The payment of all PTC sites is almost the same. In GPTPlanet and ScarletClick, you will get around $0.001. The payment varies from country to country.

Join ScarletClick-> Click Here

5. Wad.Ojooo

Another trusted PTC site is Wad. Ojooo. Though the payment is fairly low, you can trust this site. PayPal has taken action against so many PTC sites. But Wad.Ojooo still supports PayPal withdrawal.

Both direct and rented referral system is also applicable in Wad. Ojooo.

You can cash out from Wad. Ojooo using Bitcoin only.

The payment rate is also the same. But you can also earn money online by visiting premium ads here. But for that, you have to be a premium member.

Join Wad.Ojooo-> Click Here

Recommendation from Me

Though you can make money online using Pay to Click (PTC) websites and The above-mentioned PTC sites are legit and trusted, I do not recommend income from the PTC sites. I have discussed PTC sites because many people want to know about them. I suggest hard work and no hard work goes in vain. Your questions are always welcomed.

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